Friday, April 19, 2013

A month?! Really

I realized the other day that it's been a while since I posted anything, and I just did the math. Yikes.

So what's been going on, you ask?

  • My work schedule has changed for the better -- I'm working from home three days a week. That transition has not been without some challenges, but overall it's been a great change for us as a family. And already it's done wonders for my mental health.
  • Baseball season has begun! Gabriel plays in the Miracle League, so it's an especially fulfilling way to spend our Saturday afternoons. Like my mom says, if you want to see what baseball is about, come to one of these games. Seriously inspirational.
  • Spring is here, and that means the inevitable spring fever. And not necessarily the kind you might be thinking of either. No, it's the discontented, mind-wandering, unsettled kind of spring fever that is plaguing our house, especially G. But even Brogan one is getting in on this. Baseball helps, a little, but not much. Homework is a larger-than-usual pain, as is getting dressed (except for baseball games, of course). Have you ever tried getting an 8-year-old kid to wear shorts he thinks are too "soft," "short," "long" or "wobbly?" (Don't even ask me what wobbly shorts are like -- I have no idea.) It's like herding cats.

Now, planning for summer is in full effect. G's social skills camp is only for a month so we've got some big spaces to fill. Baseball camp, maybe basketball too. I'd love for him to do an art camp, too. He's pretty good, in my humble opinion. 

On a more personal note, I've been dealing with some sickness off and on this week -- details I'd rather not share as they are, well, gross. I've been purposefully avoiding facing the fact that I may be eating something that's making me sick. As in I may be reacting to something I'm eating. Which means I must begin eliminating things again. I can't really express how depressing this is without sounding sorry for myself. It also pisses me off, so you can see why I've been Scarlet O'Hara-ing it away. Soooo, there may be some food journaling going on here soon. Yay!

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