Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes

It's my first attempt at 7 Quick Takes this week. Wish me luck!

1. Bevo is tasty!

Yesterday I picked up my first order from Farm to Fork, the local natural foods co-op -- grassfed, pastured Longhorn beef. And oh, my goodness. The ground beef was delicious! I've got some cutlets and a roast to look forward to, and Lord! I can't wait. Seriously. I'm hungry now just thinking about it, and I'm only on cup of coffee No. 2.

If you don't know who Bevo is, count yourself lucky. He's either beloved or despised in Texas, and all he is is a mascot. I married a proud UT alumni, so I'm a Longhorn by proxy -- it just comes with the territory, since I went to a fairly nondescript school. The things we do for love, right?

2. Chicks!

As in fluffy little baby chicks! My older son's class got to watch chicken eggs incubate and hatch over the last few weeks, and I've loved watching him get so excited about it. They have three little chicks in their class now, I'm not sure for how long, but just the fact he can talk to me about what they did, how they developed inside the egg and how they hatched -- using his words, no less -- I'm just thrilled and thankful he has such caring and inspired teachers.

3. Allergies!

I'm so over the nasty little bumpy rash thing on my face, I can hardly express it properly. Seriously, I'm done. I finally broke down and made an appointment with an allergist. I suppose after six years of serious food allergies, it couldn't hurt to see a professional about it.

4. Corn, Ubiquitous Corn

Piggybacking on No. 3, I started looking into possible causes of said rash, and all I can come up with is corn. I've known for years that I'm allergic to corn, but my biggest problem was always soy. Well, I think corn has claimed that crown now -- we'll find out soon enough. Corn, it turns out, is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. I honestly thought soy was the most intrepid, evil allergen lurking about, but I was wrong.

5. Home office!

Yes, now that I'm working from home three delightful days a week, my attention has turned to actually creating a home office. We've always sorta had one, since my husband works from home sometimes and I've freelanced in the past, but now we need to get serious about it. Like get a real chair for the desk before I sprain my bum neck.

6. Baseball!

We're a baseball loving family, with one son playing through the Miracle League and the other boy doing everything his brother does. Oh yeah, my husband works in sports, too, so there's that. (I never had a chance.) But this Sunday, thanks to the Miracle League, my slugger and future left-handed pitcher gets to train with the Texas Rangers at the Ballpark! I'm so excited for him. He got to train with the UTA baseball team last weekend, and now the Rangers. He is officially big-time.

7. Consecration!

Yes, I'm saving the best for last. On Sunday, April 28, I begin the 33-day process of consecration to Jesus through Mary. I'm using Father Michael Gaitley's book, 33 Days to Morning Glory, as a guide.

The seed of consecration was planted by my parish's Religious Education director a few years ago, so I got St. Louis de Montfort's book True Devotion to Mary but in typical Domini fashion, I overthought it so much the words didn't even make sense anymore. Well, this Lent things changed for some reason. While I really sucked at observing Lent this year, the Holy Spirit was clearly doing some work because suddenly it made sense. Like a true epiphany, I at once understood what it meant to consecrate oneself to Jesus through Mary. And like all aspects of conversion, it involves surrendering. And like all aspects of conversion, it really hard for me to do! But I realized after hearing Father Gaitley on Teresa Tomeo's show one morning, that it (consecration) is like conversion -- it's an ever-evolving, ongoing process, not a one-time thing. So, here we are. Pray for me, if you're so inclined. I sure could use the support.

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