Monday, September 24, 2012

Not worrying about a lot...

So, fall is officially here. Even though it's still in the 90s where I live, I've had to dip into my cold-weather clothes just to stay warm at work, where they still have the AC cranked like it's 110 outside. And I've discovered a few things about myself in this process...

1. I have managed to go down a size and a half since last fall.
2. My sweaters are in terrible shape. My cardigans, especially. Stretched out, faded, some are pilling beyond help. Doing the math, it only makes sense since most of them are about 5 years old.
3. My long-sleeved t-shirts have either decided to run away from home or I donated them and don't remember.

I guess this means I need to buy clothes but since that's not likely to happen any time soon, I'm just going to punch another hole in my belt and make the best of it.

That said, I went to Target during lunch to buy allergy medicine for the kids and walked out with this in a mustardy-gold color and this in Smoky Rose, which has the potential to be my fall go-to lipstick. Not too thick, not too dark, not too opaque or too shimmery. Spot-on!

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